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Have you ever seen birds fighting?I had this notion in my head that they travel in groups and if you give them something to eat, they share! Woila how wrong I was! Me silly fool. Today while doing my morning walk I saw a bunch of birds feeding on what looked like a sandwich given by this guy (who I suppose feeds them everyday.I have noticed him and birds earlier also) . Well to my guilt I found that I wanted a sandwich badly! Ohh it looked so good as if stuffed with potatoes and cheese yum.Well I know I know I should not be eyeing birds food but I could not help.

Well back to the story. I heard lots of noises you know those kinds you hear when babies are excited while playing.Well these were made by birds and to my curiosity I found myself standing there and staring at this bunch which was flying.First I thought they were just playing but no they were not.The bird leading the group had a big piece of food in her/his mouth and those 4-5 spoiled brats were after the bird and then to my surprise I saw they surrounded her and she dropped the food.How sad, isn’t it?

Well then there I decided I am going to have sandwich today for my lunch.I know I should be saying I will help these birds, give them more food n blah blah.

So food made me so hungry that I tumbled across one of my favorite bloggers site “the pioneer woman” and I couldn’t help but make her vegetable lasagna. The recipe is here.

I had fresh french bread at home which I coated with olive oil mixed with garlic paste, salt, basil and black pepper and baked it at 350 for around 7-10 minutes.

I served lasagna with french bread.