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I love weekends.I think everyone does.

Last night we went bowling and it was our first time together.Can you imagine it’s soon going to be 2 years since we met and all this time we never went bowling together.Anyways I discovered I suck at bowling.I seriously do.Everytime I would go with a ball in my hand and my spirits high but ahhh as soon as the ball slides, instead of going straight it decides to take the path less or I must say never travelled and I end up making a fool of myself.

He noticed that even the kid playing next to us was better then I. Bad times huh?!

We came back home after midnight and decided to watch battleship and sip on chilled pina coladas (don’t get your hopes high fellas.They were the frozen mix you get.) with kettle cooked potato chips which shamelessly we finished.I mean we both finished the whole packet.That too after dinner.Well i was tipsy and I passed out just opening my eyes at the end to realise that humans have won against aliens.I knew the ending.It’s always the case isn’t it?

Well all this junk food made me think, I need to get back to my cooking.So I decided to cook hash browns, scrambled eggs with onions and bell peppers with english muffins for breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with onions and bell peppers


  Hash browns with salt, black pepper and red chilli powder

ImageHappy weekend my lovely readers!