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Last night I decided to cook chicken and mushroom marsala for today’s brunch but when I woke up in the morning, I realised the amount of mushrooms I had weren’t sufficient at all.I had no intentions of running out on a saturday morning to shop.So I started looking for another chicken recipe and decided on making pasta with minced chicken pieces cooked in red sauce.The recipe is slightly adapted from Pioneer woman’s kitchen “Penne with chicken thighs” and the red sauce from Jamie Oliver’s Baked pasta with tomatoes and mozzarella.

Since I started blogging which as you my dear readers if you exist (I hope you do so soon!) know wasn’t long time ago. I wrote my first serious blog about 34 days ago i.e 1 month and 3 days ago.I say serious because I had been inspired to write blogs earlier but after writing one post, I had disowned them. The reason being that I was always in search of that perfect thing I would like to do my entire life and enjoy it too.I think and hope I found it now.Touch wood.Back to my story, so The Pioneer woman along with Orangette, Amateur gourmet, 101 cookbooks had been some of my all time favorite bloggers whom I have been following since Day 1. So here’s to you my friends.

P.S My sauce didn’t came out perfect as while I was making it, I was on a long distance India call with my mother and I accidently added more than required balsamic vinegar. Shhh don’t tell anyone. But Jerry came to the rescue and as they say all’s well that end’s well.



For the sauce I followed Jamie Oliver’s recipe step by step.In addition, we added very very little balsamic vinegar.Add only if you like the tangy sauce taste.

Instead of using chicken thighs, I used chicken breast as we enjoy our chicken finely minced and boneless.So i cut the chicken in small pieces and cooked nicely in olive oil like Pioneer Woman’s.I cooked it longer though for around 10-15 minutes.

After adding chicken in red sauce, we added some heavy cream, little marsala wine and some parmesan to get the creamy texture.It is totally optional and upto individual choice.But I strongly suggest you to try it.

One more thing I completely left the baking part because I cooked my chicken properly earlier. So I suggest if you are using minced chicken like I did,you can leave the baking part.

Bon appetit.

Thanks for coming in.Hope to see you friends soon again.