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Life is weird sometimes. Things don’t usually go the way you want always.Like for instance, we both were looking forward to our nacho dinner tonight but when Jerry woke up he had bad asthma. It’s the weather change here in merillville.

Then I had planned to post two recipes today, coconut macaroons which to my surprise and shock were Jerry approved. He even asked me to make them for thanksgiving. Wow I feel good. My first ever thanksgiving with him. I am looking forward to it.

Then I made banana-orange-apple-pomegranate smoothie which came out horrible. I know how can someone mess up smoothies but I did.(!).I forgot that pomegranate seeds will come in every sip. It was like eating seeded watermelon where in every bite you have to take seeds out. Such a pain.

But while I am writing this post, I am sipping on a cup of hot chocolate and nibbling on macaroons.They are yum.Trust me.



The recipe was adapted from David Lebovitz Chocolate coconut macaroons.

P.S I followed the recipe as it is but made few changes like I used whole wheat flour and I had sweetened coconut at home, so I used only 1 cup of sugar to adjust the sweetness of coconut. Lastly I omitted the chocolate dipping part because I was very satisfied with the way they were.But you can go for it.I am sure it will make them much much better tasting.

The result was very much like the coconut macaroons you get from the market. I must say way better because here you know what you are eating.

Enjoy and see you soon dear friends.