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I have always enjoyed making food from scratch. I love it when you know what you are adding to your dish is all organic and healthy. Sometimes I do try to find shortcuts like buying a pie crust for pie or cookie dough but since I started enjoying cooking, I came to know it does make a difference. I still remember once someone told me “Spend on good food and good books, that’s what goes all the way” and today I feel how true it is.

These days I am constantly on the search of good, flavorful, healthy and seasonal recipes. I am going through lots of cookbooks, reading lots of different blogs and trying out foods from scratch. I am these days looking for the perfect homemade re-fried beans recipe. You know Jerry loves refried beans and we go through lot of cans in a week but the only thing that bugs me is that how much preservatives we are eating. Speaking of beans I tried this beans burger recipe from Eating Well and I must say it’s an addition to my list of flavorful and healthy eats.

I strongly suggest you guys to try it out. You will love it. I did made some changes though.

1)Instead of going the traditional way of cooking beans, I cooked them in a pressure cooker. I found this video. It helped.

2)I had fresh whole wheat bread so instead of buns I used that and it tasted good.

3) For the dressing you can use whatever you like putting in your sandwich or burger. I used mayo, some mustard sauce and hot sauce.

P.S Don’t go by the look of these burger patties above. They taste really good.

P.S I know my pictures are still not coming out the way I want them to be.I am working on improving my camera skills. If you guys have any good video or suggestion for improving pictures, please do let me know.

Till then happy eating dear friends.