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Picture courtesy of Swoon

Lately it has become a habit of going downstairs all throughout the day in the hope that I might have some mail. Firstly normal people pick up their mail like once in a day unlike me. Every time I open our mailbox, I have this hope that I might have received something from someone may be a box of chocolates or books or a hand written letter. For Jerry it is sort of funny. He feels that I am obsessed with our mailbox(!). But for me that feeling is hard to describe. I know even you all must be thinking I am crazy. But hey I love it, the scent on those hand written letters which by the way I don’t really get any. Gosh I wish we were still in those days where people used to write letters to communicate. This modern age of wireless communication has left us with no real memories to cherish.

While I was thinking about letters, I was impressed with the idea of custom letter writing by Randi from Swoon! It’s a good gift idea for kids as well as adults. You can always customise it according to the age and interest of the person you are gifting it to.

Trust me this makes for personal thoughtful gift.

Happy gifting.