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I need to confess something. Last few days have been really hard on me not personally, don’ worry nothing gone wrong. Touch wood. But lately my mind has been always filled up with thoughts, thoughts ranging from my family members to my friends (some of whom have been like those things in the lost and found box, which brings with it it’s own suspense factor), thoughts where I miss my birth place and the things related to it while on the other hand thanking God for making me a part of this so called beautiful nation America. Lately my mind has been like an open canvas that sometimes it is flooded with thoughts, new ideas while on the other hand sometimes it is like a barren land.

My friends I hope you guys will hang around with me. It’s just a phase I am going thru and I hope this rather horrendous phase ends soon in a good way.

For dinner last night I made Sago Peanut Khichdi. I wonder how many of you have ever tried it. But let me assure you, you won’t be disappointed. If you are looking for something to snack on or light dinner this is your calling my friends.






Sago/Saboodana Khichdi 

P.S I have myself never tried tapioca but I have found that many recipes say that tapioca can be replaced for sago. So grab whatever is easier for you to find. I got Sago from Indian market in Chicago.

Sago/Saboodana/Tapioca : 1 cup

Mustard seeds : 1 tsp

Green chilies finely chopped : 2 ( Remember Sago doesn’t have much of its flavor so watch out, little amount of green chili goes a long away. If you are not used to spicy food, I suggest you can omit these or substitute with few pieces of jalapeno seeds removed. They bring out a good flavor)

Potato : 1 medium size, cut in thin square pieces

Salt : to taste

Lemon juice : 2- 3 tbsp

Minced peanuts : 4-5 tbsp ( You can omit them also if you don’t prefer them)

Neem leaves : 6-7 leaves ( frozen or fresh)

Oil : 2 tbsp, canola oil or any other good oil

Wash sago nicely and soak it in water for around 4-5 hours. When starting to cook, strain it in a strainer.

Take a big skillet and heat up the oil on medium heat. Add mustard seeds. Once they are all cracked (Make sure you cover them while they crack), add green chillies. Mix them and let them cook for few seconds. Add the potatoes and mix them gently. Try to lay the potatoes in a single layer and cover them and turn the gas to medium-high. Check after 2-3 minutes. Flip them and repeat. By this time, potatoes should be kind of crispy. Now add peanuts and neem leaves and mix for few seconds. Add sago from strainer along with salt and lemon. Mix it all nicely together. Taste for salt and lemon.

Cover it nicely and bring down the gas to low.Let it cook for 10 minutes.Check it and move it with spatula. You will know when it’s all cooked when you see the sago beads turn translucent.

It should be soft to eat.

Serve hot along with yogurt or green mint chutney.

P.P.S Look for sweet cooking neem. There are two kinds of neem, you don’t want the bitter kind.