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The days are perfect out here. The weather in morning being sunny with cool breeze blowing your hair and at night little chilly enough to put on a little cardigan.I have always loved windy cities. And Merrillville is no less, though I still feel it would have been so much fun if we were living in Chicago which is like 40 mins away from us.

On these days, I wake up to a hot cup of ginger tea. I being an Indian have grown up watching my mother sipping on mugs and mugs of tea throughout the day, trust me she is a big tea drinker. I myself have been more of a coffee person but nowadays I am enjoying my tea with ginger and mint as I had never before.

Indian Chai :

Serves 1

  • Water – 1 cup
  • Ginger – minced/ grated about 1 tbsp ( I like mine with strong flavor of ginger but you can reduce it ,if you can’t handle spicy)
  • Brown sugar – to taste around 2 tbsps
  • Milk – 1/4 cup ( I usually don’t enjoy my chai too milky but you can vary the amount according to your liking)
  • Tea leaves/ tea bag – 1 tbsp/ 1 bag ( you can easily found tea leaves in Indian grocery stores, they are like small crushed black pieces)
  • Mint leaves – 2-3

Take a pot and pour water and keep it on high.Add crushed ginger and let it boil.Once it starts boiling violently, lower the flame a bit and add sugar and milk.Let it simmer for a minute and then add the mint leaves and tea leaves. Boil it nicely by letting it simmer for around 2-3 minutes.

Strain it into a glass or mug. Enjoy!

P.S I know there are so many versions of Indian tea out there but you will like this if you enjoy simple pleasures.

P.P.S I talked to one of my long lost friend “N” few days back and it felt really good.We kept on talking for almost an hour and we were forced to hang only when I got another call. Do you love talking to your old time friends? What do you guys talk about?

See you soon. Thanks for stopping by.