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Lately I have been miserable at planning out my schedules. Every day before I got to sleep I know what exactly I am going to post tomorrow, but lately my mind has been like a wanderer. Some days till late in the evening I can’t decide what is inspiring me and most of the time the vast number of blogs online make me feel intimidating. Don’t get me wrong. Most of the time these amazing people out there inspire me and motivate me to find my place but sometimes in those awkward moments I feel there is so much to absorb that I wish I would have started earlier.

I have been planning on making these for long. These are my favorite’s favorite.You guessed it right. Jerry is a mint maniac. Before I met him my conception of mint existence was only and I mean only in my toothpaste (funny right?!). When I met him, he introduced me to a vast array of  mint flavored eatables which to my surprise were not as nasty as I used to think.

I made these chocolate mint cookies which I have to say taste pretty good. Lightly minted and chocolate ganache sandwiched in between two cookies make them perfect with cold milk.

P.S Did I tell you that I have signed up for the second round of Cookie swap hosted by loveandoliveoil and The little kitchen. I am excitedly waiting for the names of those 3 bloggers with whom I will be swapping cookies. What about you??

Chocolate mint cookies (Adapted from Martha stewart Living special issues 2005)

P.S I followed the recipe step by step. Recipe here.

P.P.S Ami’s tips : 1) Don’t roll the dough to 1/8th of an inch as stated in recipe. Keep it little thicker so the cookies come out moist and crunchy. You don’t want cookies to be hard.

                           2) I baked them for 7-8 mins total and changing the tray direction in between. Every oven has it’s own time so keep an eye. You don’t want to over bake the cookies.