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I heard some of you already dressed up in your halloween costumes this weekend because well Halloween is on a weekday (Sigh!). I am not really happy with this excuse which my friends are giving me because me as you know me by now get sometimes really lazy and all this laziness made me buy my halloween costume at the last last minute. I have been going through the idea of dressing up or not for halloween. For starters I feel kids look cute dressing up but us ? (Not sure! We will find out soon for sure!). Then we will also find out Sandy’s powers soon. By the time you read this post, as the reports suggest Sandy must be hitting parts of US. I hope it doesn’t damage much and people still get to remain in festive mood.

I wonder how people (Sandy is supposed to hit Northeastern parts first) must have been gearing up for this. I saw some of my fellow bloggers stocking up on cookies, soups, no bake energy bars which can get them through this.

I decided to keep it light and simple for dinner. I had to my horror never ever tried my hands at strawberry crumble when strawberry is my favorite fruit. I know you must be thinking it is not strawberry season but sorry to say I adore these little beauties and decided to bake this so called spring dessert in October. I must say and you will admit that dessert is dessert. I know seasonal strawberries are more juicier and sweeter but let’s not go into all that.

I love this crumble more because it uses almond flour (simply finely crushed almonds) which gives it a nice texture and make it healthier as well.

P.S Planning to make some more tomorrow.

Strawberry and Almond crumble (Adapted from Nigella Lawson’s Strawberry and almond crumble)

P.P.S I basically made half of this recipe and eyeballed most of the ingredients like sugar, almonds, flour and butter. Basically it is a very simple recipe and you can use your own substitutes like for fruits you can substitute or in addition to strawberries add some blackberries, blueberries. Let me know how it turns out. Do taste it after mixing the sugar and add little extra because when it came out of the oven I felt I could have added little more sugar.

I kept strawberries more and less flour mix. It is up to your individual choice.

Let me know if you tried with some other fruit or toppings. I would love to try your version.

Till then have a great day. See you soon. Hugs.