No recipe today. I know that’s probably not a good start. But i don’t want to scare you off dear readers. With thanksgiving around and everyone coming together to celebrate fills my heart with joy. I myself being super excited as this is my first thanksgiving ever. I have heard stories and read about the turkey carving, different kinds of delicacies cooked this day and how families gather and enjoy together.

We are also flying to be with our family for thanksgiving and that’s one reason I have been spending more time in planning what to wear rather than what to eat, which is always on top of my list as you my loyal readers will agree. But that is not stopping me from checking my favourite sites and clipping recipes I am desperate to try.

So I thought why not post you guys links of stuff that is catching my attention lately. I hope you will enjoy reading it in between your thanksgiving meal cooking breaks.

1. Mozzarella bruschetta from Delicious magazine    http://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/recipes/mozzarella-bruschetta-with-rocket-drizzle

2. Cranberry sorbet   http://www.bhg.com/recipe/desserts/cranberry-sorbet

3. New site design of whatKatieate

4.  Very chocolate cookies from Chocolate&zucchini‘s book `Daily adventures in a Parisian kitchen’

5. Almond date truffles by Sprouted Kitchen http://www.sproutedkitchen.com/home/2012/9/20/almond-date-truffles.html

I hope you all enjoy a very blessed thanksgiving and I hope you all who are reading this or who are part of our lives know that we are thankful for having you all.

P.S let me know how you celebrate thanksgiving?!

See you all soon. Hugs.