I realized my feet were cold as ice. The balcony door was still open, letting in the icy breeze.  I had been sitting on my chair at the round wooden table for the last 2 hours, interrupted in between to take few quick coffee breaks. Wind was singing its own songs and making the snow look like a lost child whom someone was trying to take away with a force so strong that no matter how hard it tried, it was supposed to be lost. Temperature dropping by every minute. My plans of going out started to look hazy. Anyways, I was more than happy to be home bundled on my chair with a warm pink- purple throw wrapped around my legs.

After the success of  Malai kofta, last few days have been kind of failure prone. A recipe of cauliflower fritter which was supposed to be a success was found to be not so ok. It was eatable but not worth mentioning. Time to gear up for Plan B. Cookbooks being searched hysterically in search of good soul warming winter recipes.

On another note, last night computer mouse went lifeless, and, I suppose I know the reason. My habit of having almost 30+ tabs open in one single window. I need to stop doing it was the reasoning given to me by my dearest Jerry. I think so too.

Hoping with all my heart that February brings more luck, love and peace to us all. Will be back soon with a wonderful recipe and more stories fellas(!). Touchwood.

Thanks for being here, always.

P.S Few photographs from our Miami visit. Amazing south beach.

DSC02809 DSC02776