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Have you ever realised what impact movies have on our lives? It is some sort of addiction. Something we can’t resist however strong we feel. They are the perfect companion for those nights when you simply run out of plans for the evening or sometimes they are the reason for a get together. Sometimes they come so unexpected in our lives that suddenly we find ourselves with a big bucket of butter coated popcorn, sitting in front of a giant screen. But I feel it doesn’t really come to all naturally. Some develop the habit, some are born with it. I remember as a kid, one of my family members would fall asleep every time we would start watching a movie. For some, it brings a sense of cosyness and takes them to a world of sleep.

The first time I ever slept in a movie was one of Jerry’s favorite movies and he got kind of psyched. I slept half way through James bond movie but I was tired. Trust me. Nowadays when we watch movies in theater or at home, I make sure I don’t get too comfortable. Well talking about movies, reminds me how all of us have our favorites. Some movies which we can watch almost any number of times while some we just can’t stand, may be like that James bond movie where I slept. Just kidding.

I have quite a number of them and more movies keep adding or substracting to my list.

Here are some movies I am dying to watch again or for the first time:

  • Argo (First time)
  • Anna Karenina (First time)
  • Talaash (Hindi movie, First time)
  • Lord of the rings trilogy (Already seen it quite a no. of times)
  • Lincoln
  • Harry potter, all of them ( Seen them already a lot but recently during our NY trip when we visited the museum, it made me want to go through them again)
  • PS, I Love You (I cry every time I watch this that it gives me bad headaches. Kind of uncertain if I want to watch it again!)

These are on my to watch list for the coming week and I have big hopes that I will be able to go through them in a week time (!).

P.S Which is one of your favorite movie of all time?

See you soon. Hope you are doing good on your to watch movie list.Hugs.