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Where were you Luisa all these years? If only had I met you earlier in person or in the cyber world, I would have hugged you and showered you with kisses. Don’t get wrong ideas. I haven’t met Luisa in person nor have we ever spoken. But last night while browsing around when I saw Lottie+Doof talking about the art of making bagels and giving loads of credit to Luisa, I couldn’t help but wander to one of my favorite sites. Luisa makes bagel making look simple. If you are anything like me and you love love eating bagels. you know how complicated they always look. I have many a times wondered if they can be made from scratch at home and served for breakfast. How sophisticated will that be? I make my own bagels! From scratch! Kill me if you can!

I have seen how people take pleasure in little day to day tasks and how they blow them out of proportion. But trust me when I say I made bagels, I am not blowing any trumpets here. It is hard work but so worth all the late night dough kneading, rolling and waking up early so you can surprise that someone special with fresh bagels. Worth every pinch of flour, salt, yeast and whatever you put inside.



The first time in my life when I had a taste of bagel with cream cheese, I instantly fell in love. I had never before experienced any such pleasure. The chewy and soft inside with a hard crust smeared with generous amount of cream cheese and if you are brave enough, than a drop or two of hot sauce. There you have a satisfying breakfast, lunch or dinner meal ready. I have always loved them, so much that there were days when every morning my breakfast would be a toasted bagel with cream cheese and chocolate milk.

The whole process usually takes about 12-15 hours at max out of which active time is only two hours or so. You mix all the ingredients listed and let the dough sit for 5 minutes. You again knead it so it becomes silky and supple. You leave for atleast an hour or more. Go back and shape them. Then tuck them in the refrigerator overnight. Luisa gives stress on this one. It is necessary to leave them alone overnight. So plan little bit ahead. If you want to serve them for sunday breakfast, start saturday evening or night as I did. In the morning adjust your alarm an hour early. Get up and take out the shaped bagels out of refrigerator. Go back to sleep. After an hour, put the water to boil and then go step by step. Poof! You will have fresh bagels in no time on your beautiful breakfast table and don’t forget to give some to your dog or cat or whatever pet you have. Bliss.

PicsArt_1363973237246The recipe is HERE and HERE. The instructions giving by Luisa of Wednesday Chef are very clear and step by step.

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I hope you greet your family with the best bagels ever.

Do let me know how they turned out. See you soon. Hugs.