This past week:

  • Last weekend’s trip to Dallas was fun. Jerry’s little 3 year old cousin is so super sweet and she mumbles all the time, of which I couldn’t figure out most of it. After visiting them, we went to stay at my uncle’s place and it was so much fun. We talked till wee hours, ate our hearts out, watched Star trek again and yes I tasted the most amazing balsamic fig mascarpone ice cream from food trucks.
  • I turned 28 yesterday and yes it felt kind of strange and scary. Not because of the age. I truly don’t mind getting older, I accept it as a part of growing up and I feel it should make me more wiser and maturer and I should learn well from my past mistakes. I achieve to be better and it also made me realise that I need to work harder to achieve my goals and to fulfill my dreams. Apart from this, I had a blast yesterday. Jerry’s parents surprised me by visiting us and Jerry knew about this plan all the time! One of the best birthday’s ever. We chilled together and ended our evening by ordering pizza at home.
  • You will be surprised to know that till now to access all my favorite websites online, I would simply write them on a piece of paper whenever I would come across something  I wanted to remember. Recently (I know!) I discovered feedly and yes it  makes life so much easier. I get updates and I no longer fear losing my favorite blogs or websites.
  • Finally, after birthday celebration we decided to have a girls day out. So me along with few of my friends decided to go to spa and relax. Well I am off and see you soon with some amazing recipes!

See you soon. Hugs.