A little about me

Hello dear friends.

My name is Ami and I am the soul, the breath of this blog, in short, I write this blog. I live in in a small town in Indiana and one day I dream of owning a lovely house in somewhere serene. I finished my masters in Chemical Engineering in  summer of 2010 and started working in a corporate firm.There I met my husband and there after working for almost 1 & 1/2 yrs, it struck me that I wanted to do something more fulfilling, where I can bring out the best in me. I soon realised that I enjoy food, fashion, travelling but food is something I would like to try and learn and some sunny day write about it.

So here I am. I started this blog in August 2012 and currently trying to figure out the tips and tricks of the trade!

Thanks to all you guys for coming by. Please tag along and enjoy this never ending fun.

P.S All the pictures except where noted are all my creations and if you are interested in using them, do let me know. Please do not use any picture without my permission and if using, be courteous enough to link back.

You can reach me for any question related to blogging or otherwise at naivecookcooks@gmail.com . I love hearing from you guys always.

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